Zero Gravity Office Chair

Zero gravity lounge chairs have been seen as a trendy piece of furniture that has a space age name. But when you begin to learn more about the health benefits of a zero gravity lounge chair, you’ll be surprised that they are not just a furniture fad. Zero gravity lounge chairs have been found to actually support heart health and good spine health as well. In our health conscious world, it’s easy to see why a zero gravity lounge chair is the perfect gift for anyone’s patio, living room or office.

The design and technology used in zero gravity lounge chairs has been inspired from the seats designed by NASA for its astronauts. A zero gravity chair is designed to support the human body and create a sense of comfort and weightlessness. When you sit upright or stand, gravity puts pressure on your spine, your spinal muscles contract and your discs compress. Over time, this stress and the natural process of aging, can contribute to degenerative disc disease (DDD). While the zero gravity lounge chair is not a cure for DDD, it can put you into a reclining position that helps reduce the force on your spine, allows your back muscles to rest and the discs in your back to return to their normal shape and size. Sitting in a reclining position also reduces stress on the heart, increases circulation and can also increase blood oxygen levels.

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