White Slip Covered Sofa

If you are like most people you will need your soda to last a fair while. Most of us are not able to replace a sofa on a whim, when the fancy takes us, so it pays to pick a neutral colour. You can then use highlights in brighter colours that can be altered to give a different look when you want.

Who remembers avocado coloured bathroom suites for example? They were very fashionable for a time but now very pass. You are better to choose neutral colours that will not date too easily, and which will act as a backdrop for other colours that can be added as accessories, such as throws and pillows. This approach gives you a wider range of options as you can change around the accessories to alter the look. If your sofa is to be subject to a lot of use you may want to consider a more practical multi-coloured of tweed fabric that will resist dirt and stains better.

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