Plum Pillows

Ornamental cushions make great decor in your home accessories and can be bought in a number of styles and products. The key types one will see are needlepoint, embroidered, hooked, silk, and Aubusson.

Needlepoint Pillows

Needlepoint is a kind of embroidery that covers the whole fabric instead of just becoming attractive handwork along with a background. Needlepoint cushions are among the most preferred of all ornamental cushions and are usually obtainable in all prices, sizes, and designs.

Embroidered Throw Pillows

The decorative needlework that embellishes probably the most breathtaking accent cushions is usually produced by cross-stitch or crewelwork that is stitched entirely yourself.

Crewelwork and embroidery are thought extremely challenging and time consuming of all needle arts, the result of that is information that may approximate a fine, coated fabric. Common materials for embroidery and crewelwork tend to be silk, wool, and cotton fiber.

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