Non Rolling Office Chair

Designing equipment to comfortably accommodate the natural shape and movement of the body is a fundamental aspect of ergonomics. In situations where humans live and work without the need to move significantly then there is an increased importance for the right fit of equipment to suit wellbeing. It is a two pronged issue, with health being a very important factor in ergonomic design. Repetition of use in a non-ergonomically designed piece of equipment can lead to long term disadvantages in health over time. This can include posture problems, repetitive strain injuries, back problems and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

This first prong of ergonomics, if we may term it as such, is clearly beneficial to the user of such equipment. However, this does lead to a second prong, which is productivity. Equipment that is designed to promote health and wellbeing leads to a more productive period of use, thus ergonomics directly relates to the usefulness of the product – that is the period in which a user can comfortably use it without becoming uncomfortable and distracted from their task.

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