Melissa And Doug Fire Station

The Melissa and Doug business is a Westport, Connecticut based business created by wife and husband team Douglas and Melissa Bernstein. The business had been were only available in 1988, and from now on features over two decades behind it of offering desired, quality youngsters’ products that have assisted form enduring thoughts. Most of the items inside their line of toys offer a valuable educational knowledge for younger minds simply researching the world and their place in it.

There are many selections of discovering mats. These are laminated maps that kids can draw which show pictures of typical educational themes that young ones learn. There’s an Alphabet and Numbers set of learning mats, which help their reading and numerical literacy. There is a Basic Skills collection of discovering mats, that assist kiddies find out and reinforce such essential abilities as telling time, phonics, and handwriting. There is also a Math Skills pair of learning mats, that really help young ones to master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Other mats are also available, including mats to teach about location, the solar power system, previous United States presidents, dinosaurs, and more.

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