Mats For Under Office Chairs

I purchased bamboo chair mats 3 years ago for my computer area at work. They have conserved my carpet underneath my computer chairs. Plus I bought the bamboo chair mats because I was ruining my carpet by sliding my office chair over it. I was zealous that they were made with bamboo which is so elegant. My office bamboo mats look like professional wood flooring around my computer area. I was super excited when I found that the edges were rounded, and it was safe for my infant and toddler to run around without shoes on and not get hurt because the mats sat on the floor very even with the felt backing and non skid dots to keep them from moving around. I had bought plastic floor mats to go under my computer chairs, but I gave them away because they were unsafe and poorly made. The office bamboo mats I got do what I want and are completely amazing. I will not give them away whatsoever.

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