Luxury Office Chair

Luxury office furniture may or may not be an indulgence at all. According to the dictionary, a luxury is something that is an indulgence and not a necessity. Hmmm, I wonder. Doesn’t it seem like once we indulge in something for a long enough time, we tend to then see that thing as a need? If so, then doesn’t that mean that what once was a luxury becomes, over time, a necessity? These questions boil down to a more basic question about perspective.

In 1989, when I got married, I moved into a charming little basement apartment. Oh yeah, it was appointed, but not luxuriously. I would say that the things we had in those early years definitely fell into the “necessity” category. The thrifter couch, the hand-me-down dining table and chairs, and a tv we borrowed from an relative were all pretty basic. When we eventually got a small end table and a lamp it seemed like we were indulging just a bit. Over time, a table and lamp slowly moved their way from the luxury category over to the necessity category. Nothing in the real world had changed, only our perception of it. This is how I have come to view luxury office furniture.

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