Lower Back Pillow For Office Chair

Lower back discomfort is typical across all age groups these days. Young adults (30-60 yrs) may experience straight back pain from disc relevant problems (lumbar degenerative disk condition or herniation) or from a strain/sprain in straight back muscles/ligaments or soft cells.
Older grownups (over 60yrs) are more inclined to undergo pain linked to put on & rip – shared deterioration (e.g. osteoarthritis, vertebral stenosis) or from an osteoporotic compression fracture.

The pain varies from a mild ache to severe debilitating pain. It can be localised into the back or also travel down the legs with other symptoms like tingling, numbness & weakness within the feet.

If you are suffering low right back pain because of any cause remembers to ‘stay positive’! Back pain is manageable. There are numerous back pain solutions available & the prognosis is great.

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