Le Creuset Mixing Bowls

The CaliBowl was developed in Ca and produced into the search! It really is a bowl that has a patent pending revolutionary lip around the top.

It’s created at an angle which pushes meals on your utensil avoiding any spillage and overflows. Like a wave in ocean the lip pitches the meals onto your desired utensil/chip or any eating medium.

Whether its potato chips & salsa or any other variety of food the versatility of the CaliBowl lends itself to limitless programs.
Because the items are obligated to the medial side associated with the CaliBowl, the improvement triggers a gradual wave like recirculation right back toward the CaliBowl’s center acquiring a no spill end up.

Regardless if you are making use of a processor chip, a spoon, cut sticks, your hand, or any other utensil the CaliBowl not just stops the items from spilling, but efficiently guides the articles straight back toward the utensil making eating, mixing, feeding, cooking, whipping, and scooping more enjoyable and exciting!

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