Lane Furniture Office Chairs

That manager seat you might be sitting on within workplace probably originates from Ekornes furniture. Founded in 1934 by J.E Ekrones the organization is reputable because of its make of luxury furnishings. It’s based in Sykkylven, Møre og Romsdal, Norway, and is the biggest furnishings manufacturer in the Nordic area.

Ekornes Products

Ekornes manufactures a variety of items sold under various trade names such as Ekornes®, Svane® and Stressless®. Ekornes® collections, mainly couches, and Svane®, mattresses, tend to be primarily offered when you look at the Norwegian furniture marketplace. Stressless®, having said that, includes multiple reclining armchairs and sofas being sold worldwide. It’s probably the most popular comfort furnishings companies manufactured by Ekornes.

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