La Z Boy Office Chairs

Headquartered in Commack, New York, DreamSeat’s patented line of XZipit furnishings offers an innovative, high quality, interchangeable logo system that is used throughout its entire product line including couches, recliners, video game rockers and more. XZipit is officially licensed by the MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Marvel, MLS, CFL, US Military, Colleges, and much more. The full line of XZipit logo furniture can be found in professional teams and collegiate offices, lounges and locker rooms in addition to stadium luxury suites, and residential homes across North America. XZipit branded furniture panels, an innovation of DreamSeat, are proudly produced in the U.S.A.

Shared Customer Policy

The DreamSeat family extends beyond its furniture line. Included under the same warehouse in New York are sister company’s; Seating Solutions and BleaChair. Both serving the needs of spectator and event seating. We at DreamSeat would like you to know that because of this cross pollination of products and “family ties,” a shared policy is always in place when a client buys or rents from any of our sister companies. We offer special discounts and services to those that utilize all aspects of our products. When calling to place an order with us, be sure to mention your past or present relationships with our three companies.

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