Bobs Furniture Sofas

When my husband and I got married we had big dreams, big dreams of a big wedding, big house, fashionably furnished and decorated and hopefully at some point a big family. The wedding was huge, I mean everything I ever wanted, our first house, fair enough it’s a little on the small side, not exactly what I wanted but bearable, the dreams on that can wait I guess.

After these two we definitely found ourselves a little strapped for cash, which made furnishing this lovely new home a little hard, having both of us moving from shared rental with friends. We only had random bits and bobs of furniture, no standard items such as sofas and coffee tables, just beds and lamps etc. useful but not everything that we will need in this new house. Fortunately one of my husbands uncles got in contact after hearing about our lack of funds and furniture and offered us an old one of his that was just collecting dust in the spare room.

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